Our services

We offer the following services:

  • consultancy services
  • project management
  • interim management
  • lectures and training courses


Business Development

Where do you find new business opportunities? Do you have a  strategy for your international business? Are your present markets and customers profitable? Do you need to change or develop your  excisting  distribution channels?  We start with a current status analysis to find out your needs developing your international 

Marketing & Sales

What do you offer? Do you have a well-defined target and customer segmentation? Where do you earn your money? What are your Key Performance Indicators? What are your unique selling points? How are you positioned on the market? Who are your main customers? Through different workshops we can clearify this.

Market entry and partnersearch

Are you looking for new business opportunities outside your home market? We can help you with market studies, partnersearch,  finding  customers, sales and distribution channels. As well as what you need to do entering a  new market. All tailor-made for your company.